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A flight dispatcher plays an integral role in an airline operation; they are the ground support for the pilots. They plan the flight routes, oversee aircraft loads, monitor weather and coordinate decisions related to the flight.

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All airlines in Canada, known as ‘CARs 705’ operations, require a flight dispatcher. An aircraft belonging to a Canadian airline can only depart with the consent of a flight dispatcher.

Flight Dispatchers are the ground support for pilots. They assist with creating flight plans, routes, fuel planning and weather monitoring. They are the eyes and ears of pilots on the ground and are the main communication hub.

Flight dispatchers are also critical in providing support during any kind of emergency or aircraft diversion. They are the unseen heroes working in the background to ensure a smooth ground operation for all airline flights.

Prior to joining an airline, Flight Dispatchers must obtain a Generic Licence, which consists of passing 2 Transport Canada Flight Dispatcher Examinations; Meteorology & Flight Operations respectively.

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If you are interested in pursuing a career in Flight Dispatch, this intensive course is tailor-made to assist you to prepare for the Transport Canada Flight Dispatcher Exams.

To get qualified is easier than you think, with a 1-week long course that has been running for 20+ years, now offered with a significantly lower price! The course is only held 2 times a year.

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We were previously a York University Course and have conducted this course for many Canadian airlines and companies below:
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