Our 2 main instructors, Dario Matrundola and Samad Kadri, are professional pilots and come with a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the Canadian aviation industry. They are also certified flight instructors, who come in with a lot of teaching expertise.

Dario and Sam have previously conducted the Dispatch Program for several airlines in Canada and York University as well. They now focus mainly on their own private course, which allows them to offer a more efficient course to all our students, in terms of time and cost.

They strive to create a friendly, comfortable environment with a great degree of student involvement. Their goal is to simplify the vast amount of knowledge for you, to successfully pass the Transport Canada exams, but more importantly, to be competent flight dispatchers at your airline!

Dario is a licenced commercial pilot with 25 years of experience in flight training and aviation management. He has over 10000 flight hours and holds an Airline Transport Pilot Licence with a Class 1 Flight Instructor Rating (this means that he teaches pilots how to become instructors).


Dario founded the Flight Dispatcher program in 1998, and has conducted the course for York University and many other Canadian airlines.

Dario is also a Transport Canada Flight Test Examiner, and conducts flight tests for candidates wanting to get their pilot licence. Additionally, he is a Radio Operator Certificate Examiner for Industry Canada.

Dario is basically an aviation entrepreneur who has founded an managed many businesses. He is the Owner & President of

  • Canadian Flyers Flight Training School, now based at Buttonville Airport.
  • Canadian Flyers World Aviation Services, which has provided charter services in Madagascar and Guyana
  • Canadian Flyers Medevac Operations – Air Ambulance services all over Canada
  • Canadian Flyers Aerial Survey – aerial surveying operations used for mapping

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Sam is an airline pilot with over 6000 hours of flight experience. He holds an Airline Transport Licence, a Class 1 Flight Instructor Rating and a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Technology.


Sam currently is a pilot on the Airbus A220 for Air Canada, having previously flown the Airbus A320.

He joined Dario in conducting the Flight Dispatcher Program in 2013 and has played a crucial role in redesigning and managing the course during the last few years.

His previous aviation experience also includes the following:

  • Airline Pilot for Jazz Aviation (aka Air Canada Express) on the Bombardier Dash-8.
  • Charter Pilot for Canadian Flyers World Aviation services, where he flew in Madagascar, transporting executives and personnel involved in mining operations
  • Chief Flight Instructor for Canadian Flyers Flight School
  • Chief Pilot – Canadian Flyers Aerial Survey, where he flew airplanes with cameras used for mapping

Sam enjoys teaching and find it very rewarding to see former students, both pilots and dispatchers, reach their professional goals and excel in their careers.

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