The Canadian Dispatcher Licence consists of 2 parts, GENERIC TRAINING & SPECIFIC TRAINING.

These requirements are in accordance with Canadian Aviation Regulations and Commercial Air Service Standards, also known as CARs 705 & CASS 725.


There are no knowledge or experience requirements in order to obtain a Canadian Flight Dispatcher Licence. We teach the course from scratch, as if you are a beginner.

The only prerequisite, prior to you joining an airline, is that you need to be 21 years old.

This means that you can attend our course at any age, however, you must be 21 years old (or close to) prior to joining the airline.

PS: There is no conversion process for foreign licences. You have to write the 2 Transport Canada Examinations like anyone else.

PART 1: GENERIC LICENCE – Our course trains you for this part of the licence!

This consists of writing and passing 2 Transport Canada Exams: Meteorology & Flight Operations 

These are multiple-choice exams written at any Transport Canada Examination Centre in Canada. You will write these after attending our course, at your own convenience and whenever you feel ready after some review. 

Most students write them within 1-2 weeks after attending. During the course, we guide you on the booking and writing process, so you will be completely comfortable prior to attempting the exams.

Did we mention that the exams are free to write?!

You also need an Industry Canada Radio Operator’s Certificate, which we are authorized to provide to you. You simply complete an in-house examination with us.

Once you pass the 2 Transport Canada exams and obtain your Radio Operator’s certificate, you are now ready to apply to any Canadian Airline!

PS: We do offer some job hunting and recruitment tips during our course as well.

PPS: The Transport Canada Examinations are valid for 24 months. Once you obtain a job, they are valid for the duration of your career.


After you have applied and been successful in getting a training position as a Flight Dispatcher, you will be trained to the specific procedures of that airline. Every airline is different, with their fleet, software, regulations, routes etc. This is why you will be specifically trained for their operation.

Specific training usually takes anywhere from 2-6 months, depending on the airline. This starts with ground school, followed by on-the-job training, where you learn your day-to-day duties.

As part of your training, you also get the cool experience of sitting in the jumpseat on the flight deck with the pilots! This is called your Familiarization Flight, where you see what their side of the operation is like. You must do one every year for every different type of aircraft that you work with.

Your specific training culminates with a desk check, which usually is an 8 hour work shift where you are monitored by an examiner. Once you successfully pass the desk check, you are  fully licenced Canadian Flight Dispatcher!

If you join a new airline, you simply have to do the specific training of that airline. You will now have a full dispatch licence again, but only for that airline.

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