Accommodation is your responsibility. If you are visiting from outside Toronto, or have a long commute, you have the option of staying at any of the nearby hotels.

We typically recommend that you arrive here 1-2 days prior to the course. After the course, you can leave at your own convenience. If you plan on writing the exams in Toronto, you can give yourself a few days to prepare and attempt the exams.

We have secured a discounted rate for our students with the closest hotel, Monte Carlo Inn. It is about a 20-minute walk (5 minute drive) from the classroom, with average rates of $99/night.

NOTE: This corporate rate is only offered to our students. Details will be provided when you enrol.

Monte Carlo Inn – Markham
8900 Woodbine Avenue
Markham, Ontario, Canada
+1 (905) 513-8100

You can also search for other accommodation options on the following sites. As a reminder, here is the classroom location again.

Buttonville Airport (CYKZ)
2833 16th Avenue, Markham, Ontario, Canada, L3R 0P8


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